Books by Edward Antrobus

The Fall of Saar book cover

Despite having separate lives, and separate social statuses, love pushed them together…but love wasn’t enough to change their destinies. Vaamick would do anything for Lorinth, but will he go too far?

cover for Once Upon a Saturn Moon

War  ravaged the society living deep beneath the icy surface of Titan for a generation. The two factions were at a stalemate…until four NASA astronauts landed in the middle. A young woman discovers the timing was not as coincidental as it seemed and now must face off against family and friends to save an imperiled Earth.

What would you do if you discovered an ancient starship buried in the foot of the Colorado Rockies?

For Jim Bromley, the day started out like any other. Trying to scrounge up work and keep his crew from fighting each other seemed like all there was to life. But when they dig up a thousand-year-old starship, his life turns upside down.

But interplanetary space ships don’t come with instruction manuals. Even if they survive their first flight, it will bring the attention of enemies both old and new. Can Jim keep his crew together and humanity from becoming enslaved by a superior alien force?

Victory comes with a price

For Jim and his crew, victory came at a price higher than expected. The Razak have been beaten back, for now, but the Resolve is stranded in the outer solar system.

The Star Destroyer has the parts they need, but also forces Jim to face what he’s done. When Jim seeks absolution for his actions, he puts his crew, and Earth, back in risk.

The battle may be over, but for Jim and the crew of the Resolve, the war has just begun.

After ridding the solar system of the Krazirk, Jim thought they could go back to their old lives. But word travels fast when you have interstellar travel and the Fagare are eager to recruit the untrained crew that defeated a Razak flagship.

The others are eager to join the excitement, and even Jim isn’t as reluctant to fight as he was just a few short weeks ago. But not all of the Fagare are on-board with Earthlings joining the fleet.

Now Jim is faced with a choice. Is this really his war and can they actually do anything to make a difference in a conflict that spans the galaxy?