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Writership Podcast

Welcome Writership Listeners

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome listeners from the Writership Podcast. Leslie & Alyssa’s podcast has been of great help in my writing, but I don’t need to tell you that. You discovered me through them. So instead of me telling you about the people who introduced me to you, I should tell you […]

Plotting vs Pantsing

There comes a point in every writer’s career, very early on, when they have to make a fundamental decision. Do I plot my novel out or do I write by the seat of my pants? In writer’s lingo, this is known as plotting vs pantsing. There is a a quote associated to George R.R. Martin on […]

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The Book of Fawla, Chapter 9

The Book of Fawla Chapter 9 The goblins watched the motley crew assemble. Kate’s face reddened as the invaders pointed and laughed. One towards the left turned to his comrade and mimed the pitchfork which the other blocked with his sword. The mock defender then pointed his sword on the other and the first one […]

Accountability Partner

I recently listened to the Self-Publishing Podcast episode with’s Leslie Watts. In it, she mentioned that she is sharing her writing progress on her blog. Whe the universe wants you to do something, it tends to beat you over the head with it. I recently was given a stack of ebooks for writers. Most […]

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The Book of Fawla, Chapter 8

The Book of Fawla Chapter 8 Kate backed up against the wall. Her defense was now her trap. She grasped the goblin sword. She wished she had figured out how to create armor. The little swan in her hair would not protect her against the goblin seal. The attacker pulled the sword back and readied […]

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The Book of Fawla, Chapter 6

The Book of Fawla Chapter 6 Kate’s back ached. She stood up and stretched. She looked around at their progress. Roughly three quarters of the perimeter of the village had been planted. There were trees were they could put them, but most of the circumference consisted of bushes and even a few flowers. “Okay, enough […]