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The Book of Fawla – Chapter 12

The Book of Fawla Chapter 12 “Will your animal carry both of our weights?” Kreelan asked. Kate frowned.  Kate was certain that Trippy could carry her on the journey, but two were probably beyond his capacity. “We will build a wagon for her to pull. It won’t be the most comfortable, but it will get […]

2016 Goals

Yes, I know that I’m making a resolutions list nearly three weeks into the year. Never do today what can be put off until tomorrow, right? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter when you make goals. It only matters that you make them and that they are realistic for the time […]

Writership Anchor One - Dreamtime

Writership Logbook

A few weeks ago, I mentioned being featured on The Writership podcast. I really enjoy the stuff that Leslie and Alyssa put out; they really are on a mission to help authors. Aside from the podcast with its self-editing tips, they also released a book a few months ago called Writership Anchor One-Dreamtime: What to […]