My name is Edward Antrobus and I’m the mind behind SEAM Publishing. I am a bibliophile. I won an award in middle school and a small scholarship from my local library for being such an avid reader. I tend to read 2-4 books per month.
I started writing stories when I was ten. My buddy and I would set up tray tables in the backyard and write stores about ourselves fighting crime. We decided that we would open our own publishing house to publish these stories. After discussing a variety of names , we selected SEAM as an amalgam of our initials.
Our first big project was a sci-fi story inspired by Ray Bradbury’ s Martian Chronicles. About three chapters in, we lost interest and the project and SEAM Publishing where shelved. It wasn’t until 2011 that I decided to resurrect the company to house my efforts as a book formatter.

About SEAM Publishing

When I bought my Sony Reader in 2008, I instantly fell in love. The e-ink is so much like a real page, especially in bright sunlight. But it has spoiled me, a little. Now I don’t want to read anything longer than 5-10 pages at my computer. Any longer, and I find myself trying to strip the text out of the pdf or rip it from a webpage to format into a file to read on my Reader. I take the time because I’m pretty good at it, but only if it seems interesting enough to deal with. If the pdf formatting is too convoluted to be successful, it’s likely I won’t read the entire thing, or any of it.

I started offering ebook formatting services because ebooks, both free and paid, are becoming a cheap and effective platform for bloggers and independent authors. A pdf is free or cheap, but if that is the only option you are offering your readers, you are missing out on a vast potential. I want to help you get more readers, by giving them more choices on how to consume your content.