Accountability Partner

I recently listened to the Self-Publishing Podcast episode with’s Leslie Watts. In it, she mentioned that she is sharing her writing progress on her blog.

Whe the universe wants you to do something, it tends to beat you over the head with it. I recently was given a stack of ebooks for writers. Most of them weren’t really applicable to my stage of my writing career, so I really only skimmed them.  One of the gems that I noticed in one of those books was the idea of having an accountability partner.

If you tend to put other people before yourself, like Leslie admitted and like I do, then giving yourself a deadline in the form of promising it to somebody else creates a pressure to get it done that wouldn’t be otherwise.

What happens if you don’t have somebody you can use as an accountability partner?

Invent one

Leslie shares her progress on her blog. She is creating a public awareness of how much she is getting accomplished. I like that idea, so I’m stealing it. Henceforth (I’m not supposed to use big words when writing fiction, but I love big words, so it feels great to be able to use one here), I will make the writing word count spreadsheet I’ve been keeping ever since reading Write Better, Faster available for anybody to see and post weekly progress updates. Eventually, I will have a version that I can embed in this blog so you don’t have to click a link.

For the record, even though it is only approximately two-thirds finished, I have given myself a deadline of this year to complete the first draft for Once Upon a Saturn Moon. I’ve got eleven days to write an additional 16,000 words. It is going to be tough, but I am confident that I can do it. Of course, it helps that I am off five of those eleven days. 😉

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