Author’s Blog: Introducing Once Upon a Saturn Moon

Once Upon a Saturn MoonLet me tell you a little story. In 1994, two teen boys read Ray Bradbury’s bestseller, The Martian Chronicles. The novel inspired them to start their own science fiction tale. It would be an experiment of sorts, where each would write an alternating chapter. I started with the line:

Despite its distance from the chilly, gusty land on the evening of December 27, 2023, the heat generated from the after-burners on the unidentified craft proved to be unbearable to Vamick and the others.

With that sentence, Once Upon a Saturn Moon was born.

Of course, being teen boys, the project quickly fell by the wayside as we became interested in sports, girls, and, gasp, even academics. Three chapters and a rough outline sat in a folder collecting dust on my bookcase for almost two decades. Every now and then, I would pull it out and think about finishing it. But I would read what we had written (it was baaaad) and get discouraged. December 2014 was one of those times. But on New Year’s Day of 2015, I decided it was time for a change. I rewrote the outline and decided this time I was going to do it. This blog is part sharing news on the progress of the book and part accountability to keep me honest about actually doing it.

What is Once Upon a Saturn Moon about?

Once Upon a Saturn Moon is a soft sci-fi thriller with a touch of romance. Follow Alvin, Salaris, and Marsil as human explorers get caught in the middle of a civil war on Saturn’s dying moon Titan. Will the religious Barakaaks wrest control of the NASA’s landers and use them to invade Earth, or will cooler heads of the secular government of the Braasanaks win the day and save humanity from a deadly plague?

You can read more about the book and signup for updates, or even become a beta-reader at Once Upon a Saturn Moon.