Milestone: First Draft of Book 1 Complete

Today I reached a milestone. I completed the first draft of The Fall of Saar today.screenshot of the end of The Fall of Saar

This milestone is important for a variety of reasons. A 12,000 word novelette, The Fall of Saar is the first book in the Once Upon a Saturn Moon series. I should have editing done and the book available for free download on Amazon, iTunes, and other major retailers by the end of the year. The book will be available here for free as well. With it done, I’ll be able to focus on book 2, Once Upon a Saturn Moon. Book 3 On a Planet Far, Far Away (working title, subject to change) will be written in 2016.

So obviously, the first reason this milestone is important is because  it is the first of a series of dominoes.

The second reason this is a milestone? It is the first draft I have completed in 24 years. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. I wrote a short screenplay for a history class in high school. But of projects I’ve undertaken of my own interest, the last time I completed a story I had started was Mr. Tall & Mr. Skinny, a series of short stories (really, flash fiction) written when I was 11 years old about a boy who thwarts a couple of bumbling burglars. Even Once Upon a Saturn Moon was started in 1995. The Fall of Saar was conceived in April and finished in October. Maybe not great by most standards, but considering my next task is finishing a 20 year old manuscript, this is progress.

So what does the future bring? Well, editing of course. Finishing the next book. On the table for 2016 is The Champion of Darnetta (Book 1 of the Dragon Race series), On a Planet Far, Far Away (Book 3 of Once Upon a Saturn Moon), and the novella Robot Overlord. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have time for book 2 of the Dragon Race series or book 4 of Once Upon a Saturn Moon.

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