JinMatic launches SEO Rescue Package For Social Enterprises in South East Asia

Sep 15, 2020 (IssueSeampublishing ) — Kuala Lumpur, Sep 15, 2020 ( – JinMatic, an award-winning SEO company based in Malaysia, today announced the launching of SEO Rescue Package for social enterprises in South East Asia. This noble initiative aims to help social enterprises thrive during the challenging times of pandemic and to increase their brand awareness and revenue. Any social enterprises in South East Asia are eligible for the SEO Rescue Package which is entirely free. The applicants will get a personalized strategy plan, website audit, and keyword research. Detailed reports will be delivered.

JinMatic internet marketing specialists will carefully analyze the applicants’ websites and offer actionable ideas on aspects like user experience, content, current keyword rankings, and website architecture. For instance, the team will review the applicants’ website mobile-friendliness and security, which are vital to improving the user experience.

The package was inspired by a recent collaboration with Du Anyam that happens to be an Indonesian social enterprise. Du Anyam focuses on improving the financial and health condition of women in rural areas. They have also handed over 170 scholarships to students thereby giving them a shot at making a good life and living.

“Running a social enterprise is more challenging than small and medium enterprise because social enterprises have to achieve both economic sustainability and their social mission.”, said Terence Lim, founder of JinMatic. Terence continued, “We are all going that extra mile to support one another during this difficult, unpredictable period. By offering this package to social enterprises, we hope we are doing our bit to support the good cause.”.

This global pandemic seems to have hit everyone hard and so by doing a little, the company may be able to help achieve social objectives. Social enterprises are finding it more difficult to thrive because the challenges have got bigger.

JinMatic is pioneered by Terence Lim and he is proficient in SEO solutions and analytical tools. This gives him the advantages in helping those who really need it. The team takes at most 3 working days to deliver every SEO Rescue Package.

Any social enterprises in South East Asia can apply for SEO Rescue Package here:

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