Top Tips for Buying and Shipping Furniture and Large Packages from the UK

You are considering making a big-scale purchase of furniture or other major items from internet retailers in the United Kingdom. However, you may not have a UK delivery address and may not know how to transport furniture or other heavy things abroad.

This post will explain where to buy and how to transport things from the UK to Europe and beyond.

How to Send Furniture and Bulky Items? 

When it comes to international shipping, packing furniture and heavy things may be a difficult task. Packaging for large things must be tougher and more durable than for tiny ones.

Because transporting and transferring heavy equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks is required when delivering furniture and other products internationally. Shipping furniture and heavy products without adequate wrapping might result in damage.

Tips for Transporting Furniture and Bulky Packages:

  • Use tough packing – only corrugated cardboard boxes can bear the weight
  • Large furniture and objects should be sent on a pallet. Use edge protection and secure it.
  • Double box – if necessary, put delicate items in another box with protective materials.
  • Protect it with foam or bubble wrap, and if required, a layer of cardboard.
  • Securely tape or wrap furniture and big things with stretch film to protect them from liquids.
  • Then mark the boxed furniture or big products with suitable labels such as delicate, this way up, handle with care.
  • Shake it – shake the packed furniture or bulky products before shipment to ensure nothing moves.

Which Shipping Company is the Most Reliable for Shipping Furniture and Bulky Shipments Internationally?

There are a number of carriers in the United Kingdom who specialise in transporting furniture and big products. You may purchase furniture in the UK and send it by road or air. Many have size restrictions and can not accept or send furniture or heavy shipments. We’ve gathered a handful that specialises in transporting furniture and bulky goods. These carriers can accept, transport by road or air to most countries in the EU and throughout the globe, as well as deliver your furniture and bulky goods to their destination.

  • UPS (pallets not accepted)
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Palletways
  • Pallet Force

A better way to get your large items shipped is through a reliable reshipper such as Forwardvia.

What about import taxes? This is usually charged when the furniture and big goods arrive. The receiver is liable for all local taxes and duties, which include VAT/GST, Customs duty, and the carrier’s advance charge in the case of delivery duty unpaid (DDU), which is the most frequent kind of agreement.

In Summary

As a result of this information, you are now well-versed in the areas of furniture shopping and shipping from the United Kingdom. Furniture and big goods may be purchased through a forwarding firm.