What Animal Has The Fastest Heartbeat?

The heart of a person beats quicker than the heart of an elephant, but it beats more slowly than the heart of a cat. In other words, whatever animal’s heart has been discovered to have the highest number of beats per minute.

So, what animal has the fastest heartbeat?

At 1500 beats per minute, the Etruscan pygmy shrew:

The Etruscan pygmy shrew weighs just 1.8 grammes and is the world’s smallest non-flying mammal, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The shrew travels extraordinarily swiftly for its size, and this rapid movement necessitates the development of a high-performance metabolism. As a result, the tropical shrew holds the world record for pulse rate. Thailand’s bumblebee bat holds the world record for being the world’s smallest mammal overall, although its heart rate is much slower than that of humans.

1260 beats/minute for the blue throated hummingbird

Although the Mexican hummingbird is little and weighs just 6-10 grammes, it is similar to other species of the family in that it feeds on nectar that it suckers from flowers as it hovers in the air. The flying posture is particularly taxing on the cardiovascular system.

At 1020 beats per minute, the Atlantic Canary is the fastest bird in the planet.

It is believed that these birds have been maintained as captive birds since the 1400s. They are found in the wild on the islands of Madeira, the Azores, and the Canary Islands, among others. They grow to be 10-12cm in length in the wild, although breeding has resulted in smaller specimens that weigh as low as 4 grammes.

Bumblebee bat 1000 beats/minute bumblebee bat

According to some estimates, this bat, also known as Kitti’s hognosed bat, is the world’s smallest mammal, measuring just 3cm in length and weighing 2g. It is also the world’s smallest bat by weight. The endangered bat is so little that it might be mistaken for a bumblebee in its natural habitat in Mexico.

The African pygmy mouse works at 780 beats/minute

These mice are among the tiniest rodent species on the planet, with mature mice weighing less than 3g on the rare occasion that they are found. However, since they are so frail, they should not be touched or caressed. Small mice are popular pets because they live in groups and are easy to care for.

So now that you know what animal has the fastest heartbeat. We hope you enjoy reading it!